Jessica on the outside often comes off as a bitchy and tomboyish woman to most players. One could easily believe that cause some of the things Yangus says about her ingame could easily have some words replaced. Or some just think shes there for looks because of her Sex Appeal based attacks and revealing outfits. Yes, these are some things I've read out there from players. Here i will try my best to explain Jessica's fiery personality.

While Jessica may seem rather bitchy on the outside, I don't think she really is. I think she is a tomboyish girl who loves her friends and family a lot. She is only loving towards people she lets in and she will usually be outspoken and stubborn towards those who don't quite understand her or won't accept her as she is. I believe she is also overprotective of things close to her. This overprotective attitude i think causes her to be a "do it yourself" and "act now think later" type of person. She is like this in the beginning of the game and i think it causes players to have a bad first impression on her. I believe all of this causes most people to just translate her being outgoing, stubborn and independent to being bitchy.

This game takes place in medieval like times and Jessica is seen very much as rebel. Shes not just a pretty face and she is always quick to remind men of this fact by biting back. If she has something to say, she'll say it, even if you don't want to hear it. She'll wear what she wants when she wants. Compared to all the other females in the world of DQ8, she is seen as very peculiar, and perhaps its why quite a few women in DQ8 don't like her so much. It may also be the reason why so many men are drawn to her (aside from the fact she is attractive).

I think her being tomboyish comes from the fact she grew up following her brother around. Her mother hated it and still hates it. Shes very outspoken, independent and stubborn, however, few rarely get to see beyond that. Including her mother. Alistair, The Hero, Yangus and Angelo are some of the few that have ever seen her look upset or depressed. There are times when she is fragile and there are times when she will just cry her heart out. However i feel she will let those that she truly trusts to see her in that state. It probably wouldn't hurt to also say she knows shes in a male dominated world and won't tolerate it. So she puts on a strong front.

I think the only other woman in the DQ8 world that is like that is Red, Yangus' childhood friend.

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