Unlike most characters in Dragon Quest VIII, Jessica's appearance can change based off of what you have equipped! The only other chracter to be able to do this in DQ8 was the Hero with his Dragon Armor. With the release of the 3DS version though it appears as though each character gets at least one new look. Interestingly, in the 3DS version, most of her looks have been edited to be more toned down. I'll be making note of these changes as I go over each outfit.

Dancer Costume

This is probably the first of the official cosume changes you'll see for Jessica. It definatly fits into the weather and scenery of where you buy the outfit, Pickham.

Head and Upper Torso: Nothing really changes here other then that the bands that keep her pigtails up are white. It would appear she has green looking earings on as well. Around her neck is a white band, which keeps her top up. As mentioned, her top is held up by a band around her neck, dangling from the band is a small green gem. From there, two straps go out and connect to the main part of the top, a sort of halter top. On her upper arms are two silver bands and at her wrists she has them as well.

Lower Torso & Feet: It would appear that Jessica is wearing some sort of sarong like thing. On her left side you can see part of some kind of undergarment and the red part of the skirt ties on her right hip. You can see the thin slit from where it ties along the right side of her. From there it flows down to about right above her knees. The bottom of her red skirt has a yellow traingle pattern on them. Around her ankles are silver anklets and shes wearing simple tan colored sandals.

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