Staves after a certain point become available to Jessica and Angelo to use. However not very many people choose to equip, and I can see why. Staves do very little damage compared to Jessica's whips and even knives. However, I personally think staves are useful in some ways. Just about every staff in the game can be used as an item during battles. This is extremely useful if you do not wish to waste MP or have some characters, like Yangus, who can't do much magic.

I personally find the rune staff and staff of resurrection to be the most useful for Jessica. Since she does not have healing magic, if the Hero or Angelo are knocked out or cant cast magic, being able to revive people is extremly useful. Having Staves equipped for boss battles is also extremly useful because it boosts your overall MP pool. You wont be attacking bosses directly with her weapons anyways so you don't have to worry about weapon damage output. Like the Imp Knife, the Magical Mace can steal mp from enemies and can come in handy if you are running low during a dungeon run or boss fight. Its also better then using the knife since you wont have to switch weapons and lose your larger MP pool.

Wizard's Staff
Attack: +15
Buy: 1300g
Sell: 650g

Launches tiny fireballs at enemies when used as item in battle.

Lightening Staff
Attack: +24
Buy: N/A
Sell: 2300g

Hurls vicious thunderbolts at the enemy when used as an item in battle.

Magma Staff
Attack: +28
Buy: N/A
Sell: 2500g

Showers all enemies with burning magma when used as an item in battle

Rune Staff
Attack: +30
Buy: 3000 Tokens
Sell: 3150g

Raises the defense of all allies when used as an item in battle.

Staff of Divine Wrath
Attack: +35
Buy: N/A
Sell: 2500g

Launches an enormous whirlwind at the enemy when used as an item in battle.

Staff of Antimagic
Buy: N/A
Sell: 3000g

Prevents an enemy from casting spells when used as an item in battle.

Staff of Resurrection
Attack: +77
Buy: 45000g
Sell: 22500g

May raise a fallen ally from the dead when used as an item in battle.

Magical Mace
Attack: +79
Buy: 9000g
Sell: 4500g

Occasionally steals MP from the enemies it hits.

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