Knives are often the first type of weapon avilable in stores for Jessica aside from her Whips. They don't hit for very much and often people only make her learn it up to a certain point just to get the swords ability. Early on I invested in the knife abilities however hitting all the enemies at once over one enemy always won me over. Knives can be handy for learning some of the status effect skills. Sadly you have to have knives equipped though to use them

If you are low on MP sometimes having the Imp Knife can be useful but I often the trade off in damage, etc. not worth it. It's also just easier to use the Magical Mace to do this, since most times you will be low on MP or dungeon crawls/boss fights and will probably have staves equipped for this.

Poison Needle
Attack: +0
Buy: 1900g
Sell: 1000g

Capable of felling an enemy with a single well-aimed strike.

Bronze Knife
Attack: +9
Buy: 150g
Sell: 75g

A small knife forged from bronze.

Attack: +18
Buy: 350g
Sell: 175g

A long-bladed knife designed for combat.

Poison Moth Knife
Attack: +29
Buy: 950g
Sell: 475g

Features a blade coated with the poison of a moth that can paralyse enemies.

Falcon Knife
Attack: +34
Buy: 7700g
Sell: 4400g

A magical dagger that lends its user the agility to attack twice in rapid succession.

Assassin's Dagger
Attack: +37
Buy: N/A
Sell: 1250g

A compact knife made especially for assassins.

Eagle Dagger
Attack: +39
Buy: 3900g
Sell: 1950g

A short sword with a blade as sharp as an eagle's talons.

Imp Knife
Attack: +52
Buy: N/A
Sell: 2250g

A knfe capable of stealing MP from the targets it strikes.

Icicle Dirk
Attack: +52
Buy: N/A
Sell: 4000g

A short sword with a blade of ice. Generates a blizzard when used as an item during battle.

Sword Breaker
Attack: +56
Buy: 5500g
Sell: 2750g

A specal sword with a serrated edge designed to trap ad break the blade of an opponent's sword.

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